Make money with Directory

Directory is our brand new platform that encompasses a parent theme, various plugins and a wide selection of child themes. It is the most advanced theme we’ve ever created with literally hundreds of custom features. Read this page to learn more about the ways in which Directory can earn you some extra cash.

Make money by

    • Charging for submissions

Create price packages and insert them into your submission forms. Price packages can be created for every post type and they are category specific. Scroll down for more info.

    • Selling event tickets?

Create ticket products using WooCommerce? and connect them with events. Event detail page will show the buy button as well as the remaining ticket count.

    • Creating a webshop

Along with selling tickets, you can use WooCommerce to sell other stuff as well. Create your product categories, setup shipping, tax and you’re ready to go!

Use the back-end to control exactly where each banner shows. Set category specific banners or assign them to each post manually. Multiple locations available.

Price packages, explained

Content is key for any directory, and the one you create using this WP Directory theme won’t be any different. Price packages are designed to offer as many possibilities as possible both to you (the admin) and the visitors submitting a post. Here are three things you should know about price packages.

    • Two package types

Pay-per-post packages require the visitors to pay during each post submission. Pay-per-subscription packages allow you to set the timeframe in which posts can be submitted as well as a maximum number of listings. Subscription price packages work great in conjunction with recurring PayPal payments.

    • Featured posts

One of the ways you can charge extra for a particular post submission is to set a featured price. Featured prices can be set for both the homepage and category page (different price for each). Featured posts show with a specific label and are stacked at the top of listing pages. Another way to charge extra is to set category prices.

    • Custom field monetization?

This feature allows you to define exactly which custom fields show for each price package. You can also control the number of allowed images and stuff like character count for text fields. In practice, this will allow you to provide additional options (input fields) within the more expensive price packages.

More monetization features

    • Included coupon module

Create amount based or percentage based coupons and offer discounts on price packages. Set a start/end date for coupons and don’t worry about expiry dates.

    • Change the currency

Set the currency ISO code, the symbol and even the position (before/after amount). There are virtually no limitations here.

    • Payment gateways

Directory comes preinstalled with PayPal and PreBank transfer methods. There are dozens more available optional payment processors.

    • Manage transactions

All payments can be reviewed and approved/denied in the back-end. There are also several dashboard widgets? you can use to keep track of transactions.

    • Post upgrade option

Allow visitors to upgrade their submitted listing to a more expensive price package. They can do so from their front-end user dashboard.

    • Generate reports

Search through submitted transactions using multiple filtering fields such as date, package type, post type, etc. Export results to a .CSV file.